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Proud Brothers
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 4
Card: Proud Brothers
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Thanks for lookin..."

In the student council room at RAD, Diavolo is giving an introduction to the new exchange student, Solomon. Lucifer tells Solomon that Asmodeus will be taking care of his needs while he is in the Devildom. Since they already know each other, they both are looking forward to it. After Asmo has given a little tour of the Devildom to Solomon, he brings Solomon to the House of Lamentation. Inside, they meet Satan and Lucifer again. Lucifer tells Asmo to not take Solomon to his room to have his way with him. This embarrasses Asmo, and he insists that he'd never do that. Asmo also asks Lucifer where the rest of his brothers are. Lucifer tells him that Mammon is out somewhere, which pleases Asmo.

"SO. MANY. CH..."

Later, Asmodeus asks Solomon if he knows who he just met, and Solomon says he knows they are Lucifer, Avatar of Pride, and the most charismatic figure in the Devildom, and Satan, Avatar of Wrath, and the epitome of what humans think of as a demon. Asmo tells him he is correct, and is very proud to have them as his brothers. Then they meet Leviathan and Beelzebub in the music room. Levi is sorting through an enormous pile of bags potato chips, trying to find a special collectible card of Sucre Frenzy. He isn't interested in eating the chips, but Beel is happy to help with that. Amused by this, Solomon states that even demons can have a childish side.

"No, they found m..."

A little embarrassed, Asmodeus tells Solomon that Leviathan and Beelzebub are not always like that, and Solomon tells him that he knows they are elite demons, just like his other brothers. Asmo is relieved to hear that. When they are walking through the hallway where all the rooms of the brothers are, they suddenly see Mammon sneaking out of Asmo's room. While he was caught red-handed, Mammon still denies any wrongdoing. Asmo doesn't believe that, becomes furious, and transforms into his demon form.

"Let's enjoy the night..."

Asmodeus tells Mammon that he knows he was in his room, because he wanted everything perfect for Solomon's visit, but now it's all displaced. He starts to attack Mammon, but Mammon tells him to have more respect for his older brother, and goes to defend himself. Satan and Lucifer then enter the scene with mostly friendly faces, but very threatening auras around them. They tell Mammon that someone has been in their rooms. Satan says he was looking for a test subject to try out all 666 ways of torture he invented, transforms into his demon form, and goes to attack Mammon. Lucifer transforms as well, and says he wants to administer every 13th round of torture. While they're at it, Solomon starts filming it all, amazed by the power of fighting demons. Asmo, embarrassed, tells him that they aren't really fighting, but putting up a show for Solomon.

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