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The Royal Academy of Diavolo (commonly known as RAD) is a school for demons in the Devildom.


Diavolo states that the purpose of the school is to provide the population of the Devildom an adequate education in order to have a healthy and well-ordered society. According to the Devilgram The Glory Days, RAD was already in existence when Lucifer and his brothers were still angels.

Presumably, RAD is not the Devildom's only school. While Lucifer did mention that RAD typically allows students more freedom when "compared to other schools" in Lesson 2-4, he did not specify if these other schools are located in the Devildom or not.

As mentioned in the chat Beware of Sales, RAD has its own internet plan: Special RAD Student Plan.

Known Locations[edit]

  • Art Room
  • AV Room
  • Cafeteria
  • Classrooms
    • There may be various classrooms for different subjects but the chat The RAD Cleanup Plan 5 implies that students also have a primary classroom.
  • Colosseum
    • In the Devilgram Learning Is Fun!, Lucifer states that the Colosseum predates the school's founding. It once was used to showcase the Devildom's best and brightest, which is why RAD was built next to it.
  • Common Room
  • Dance Hall
    • This room is also referred to as the ballroom.
    • This room contains a collection of records as well as a turntable where students may freely listen to music.
  • Garden
  • Greenhouse
  • Laboratories
    • RAD has laboratories where students may mix potions.
  • Library
    • After Diavolo was made president of the student council, the collection of publications made outside the Devildom increased greatly, as noted in the Devilgram Learning Is Fun!.
  • Library's Restricted Section
  • Music Room
  • Newspaper Club Office
  • Nurse's Office
  • Staff Room
  • Student Council Room
    • Lucifer mentions in Lesson 77-19 that a powerful barrier protects the student council room, such that "only student council officers and those with special permission can set foot inside."
  • Theater


  • Applied Magical Potions
  • Art (from the Devilgram story Time to Paint)
  • Biochemistry
  • Curses and Hexes
  • Devildom Biology
  • Devildom Botany
  • Devildom History
  • Devildom Law
  • Home Economics (from the chat A Patissier's Suffering?)
  • Human History
  • Magical History
  • Mathematics (from the Devilgram story The Mammon Way)
  • Physical Education
  • Seductive Speechcraft
    • As explained in Lesson 29-7, this class covers techniques for seducing and corrupting humans.

RAD Uniform[edit]

The standard RAD uniform is worn by students attending the Royal Academy of Diavolo.

The uniform is an off-black, double-breasted, military-style jacket with a belt, the right side has a half shoulder cape with a badge of the RAD initials, and a red cloak on the left side. The sleeves are long with a quilted pattern and small gold teardrop beads in the intersections, and a solid black band around the wrists.

The dress shirts are a teal color. The pants are an off-black with a vertical red stripe. With the introduction of Thirteen, it is shown that students may also wear shorts. Thirteen's uniform jacket also has heart-shaped buttons, which differs from the round buttons the male students have.

The dress code seems to be lax, for most of the students are allowed to wear accessories and make modifications to the uniform, such as wearing any tie they wish (or choose not to), and having a tailored jacket. The students are also not penalized for wearing the uniform improperly, such as: not buttoning their buttons, not having their belt buckled the correct way, not wearing the dress shirt, and not having their cape tucked in.

The exchange students from the Celestial Realm, Simeon, Luke, and Raphael, do not wear the RAD uniform.

Diavolo's uniform is differently colored for it is red instead of black, the badge ribbon is blue rather than red, the cape is black instead of red, and his dress shirt is black instead of teal.

Student Council[edit]

RAD's student council consists of Lord Diavolo and the seven demon brothers. As Diavolo explains in Lesson 62-19, it is traditional for a potential council member to undergo a difficult trial.

President: Diavolo

Vice President: Lucifer

Secretary: Satan

Unknown Positions: Mammon, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor


  • Alchemy Society
    • A club at RAD that is known to end up creating creatures through failed experiments. In the last incident, the creature was sealed away and the Alchemy Society was billed for the cost of dealing with the creature and repairing the tower they destroyed.
  • Cat Club - the proposal to make this club was rejected
  • Chess Club
  • Cosmetology Club - the proposal to make this club was rejected
  • Drama Club
    • The RAD Drama Club was mentioned in the Devilgram Proud Brothers when Asmodeus claimed that he and his brothers were part of it. In that Devilgram he was lying but the brothers do end up putting on various plays as part of the Student Council.
  • Fangol - sports team
    • Beelzebub is part of this team and they have meetings regularly.
  • Horse-racing Study Group - the proposal to make this club was rejected
  • Nap Club - the proposal to make this club was rejected
  • RAD Newspaper Club
  • Robotics Club
    • In the chat One Hell of a Butler 3, it was said that some students built a robot Barbatos which may mean that RAD has a robotics club.
  • Society for Human Admirers - an application was sent in but the outcome is unknown

Annual Events[edit]

Bloody Moon Competition[edit]

As the brothers explained in Lesson 31-2, the bloody moon competition is a celebration held on the night the Devildom's moon turns red, also known as a "bloody moon." The entire student body would decide who the most honored and respected demons are. It was originally a solemn sort of event, but recently turned into a popularity contest, where everyone votes on who they like best. As mentioned by Simeon in Lesson 32-8, only demons are allowed to cast votes for the competition.

Every year up to the start of the Main Story, Diavolo and Lucifer had always taken first and second place.

Devildom Felicity[edit]

An event first mentioned in Lesson 73-1, Devildom Felicity is all about "Going out of your way to do something nice for someone else." The RAD student council in particular are expected to set a good example by participating in the event. How they participate varies depending on which council member is in charge, which seems to be based on a rotation system starting from the oldest of the seven brothers to the youngest.

Monster Fair[edit]

An event organized by the Student Council. The event is similar to an Animal Show, where people can show off their monsters. The event awards the participant with the best monster, which makes many students want to participate.

The event is currently suspended for the Foreseeable future. This was decided by the Student Council because the last time the event occurred, Leviathan brought a Seven-Headed Sea Monster named Lotan. He wanted to participate with Lotan, but before the event started, Leviathan was forced to release Lotan back into the sea, as Lucifer didn't allow him to keep Lotan in House of Lamentation. Once Lotan was released, it created great havoc and devastation in the Human World. To prevent this from happening again, the Student Council decided to suspend the event.

RAD Spirit Week[edit]

A week-long event in which the whole school participates in. The purpose of the event is to unify the students for a common purpose, but according to Satan, the only thing they do is to dress up based on the theme of the day. According to the chat Spirit Week, some past themes included: Wedding Day, Hawaiian Day, Pajama Day, Pink Insanity Day, and Beach Day.

RAD Sports Festival[edit]

This event started in the Devilgram The Battle Between Demons. In the event, the students form groups of two based on assigned numbers. The first team to complete a lap around the academy wins one month's worth of free meal tickets for RAD's cafeteria. Obstacles are placed throughout the course to make it more challenging, and there are three trials to complete. The first challenge is walking across a balance beam that has been enchanted to move as if it is alive. The second challenge is to go through a net that has been enchanted with some kind of spell that makes the net wrap around you if you get stuck. The third and final challenge is a three-legged race around RAD. The rope ties itself to the teammates' ankles, and won't come off until they cross the finish line. It was also mentioned that the festival had to be redone after Beelzebub blew up the goal.

666 Mysteries of RAD[edit]

According to Mammon in the chat The 666 Mysteries of RAD 1, there are a whole bunch of weird rumors about RAD. Such rumors include:

  • The statue in the art room bleeds from its eyes
  • Books fall from the shelves in the library when no one's around
  • Anatomy models walk the corridors at night
  • One can hear piano music coming from the music room late at night

The rumor about the piano seems most prevalent, as it is also mentioned by Luke in the chat The RAD Cleanup Plan 5. He adds that the piano is rumored to swallow people during performances. In the chat The Crying Ghost, Luke also mentions that there is a rumor of a ghost appearing behind the RAD building and if one goes alone in the middle of the night, they can hear it crying.

Bloody Box[edit]

See the Bloody Box item page.


As explained by Barbatos in Lesson 71, if a student skips a class or fails to do assignments, they will be given a one-hour after-school detention as a punishment. What students are told to do for that hour varies depending on the detention supervisor.

Originally, detentions were meant to be overseen by either a teacher or student council member, however, this policy had to become more flexible after it became clear that at least some student council members (namely Mammon) were repeatedly finding themselves being the ones serving detention.

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