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The Glory Days
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Card: The Glory Days
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Let's remembe..."

Lord Diavolo is visiting at the House of Lamentation, and asks Lucifer if he remembers the day they first met. Lucifer asks Diavolo why he asked, and Diavolo responds that he remembers a brilliant shooting star had fallen down to the Devildom. Lucifer remembers how much mud went flying when he touched down, and he immediately commented on the low quality of soil to Diavolo. Diavolo laughs about that memory, saying he was so mesmerized with Lucifer's grandeur that he didn't even hear his first words back then. He then says that Lucifer made an even more impact by the way he ignored his hand he held out for Lucifer to shake. Lucifer admits he wanted to expose Diavolo for the demon he was and tried to anger him.

"That's blackmail mat..."

In a flashback, Lucifer the Archangel is invited into a room at RAD. He gets a change of clothes from Barbatos and even though he thinks they fit comfortably, Lucifer tells Diavolo he feels uncomfortable, trying to insult him. But Diavolo remains friendly and asks him to tolerate it for the time being. It makes Lucifer think that in that moment it's hard to tell who of them is the angel. Realizing this, Lucifer calms down a bit and decides to wear the clothes. With a bit of triumph, Diavolo tells him he knew an archangel like Lucifer would be tolerant and understanding.

"The tea leaves..."

Diavolo finally gets the chance to introduce himself to Lucifer. He tells him that they are at the royal academy, which Lucifer thinks is laughable: What do demons need to learn, anyway? While Diavolo is explaining, Lucifer insults him more, but Diavolo stays friendly. In the meantime, Barbatos had prepared some tea and cake. Lucifer tries to find flaws, but there aren't any: It's is all very civilized. Then Diavolo tells Lucifer why he invited him to the Devildom. He explains his dream about demons, angels, and humans respecting each other. Lucifer is surprised: If something like that was possible, why didn't his Father ever think of it? Is Diavolo deceiving him? Then Barbatos comes and tells them it is time.

"I want to beat Diavol..."

There was a ceremony prepared for the visitor of the Celestial Realm. Lucifer wasn't told about it by his Father, but he pretends to know. Still, he is annoyed that his Father didn't tell him this either. However, he has no problem with coming up with a speech on the spot. Afterwards, in Diavolo's castle, he is complimented more by Diavolo while they play chess. While they talk about Diavolo's dream, it looks like Lucifer is winning, but he realizes he is actually losing. Lucifer shakes Diavolo's hand for the first time with respect.

Back in the present, Diavolo tells Lucifer that he still remembers it as if it was yesterday. He thought Lucifer had a truly beautiful spirit. Then Lucifer asks if he needs to show that to Mammon, who apparently he was torturing during their entire conversation.

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