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Manga Delicacies
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 4
Beelzebub Lv. 7
Card: Manga Delicacies
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Unusually hyper, I'd..."

Leviathan works in the kitchen, producing homemade granola, which turns out well. He also checks on the jam and ice cream he made, claiming they're perfect. Levi was worried they would fall into Beelzebub's hands but is glad they survived the night. At this point, Beel enters the kitchen, remarking something smells tasty. Levi demands Beel leave the kitchen, which he refuses to do. Instead Levi warns Beel to not touch what he made or he will destroy him. Beel agrees to this.

"If you were that..."

Beelzebub announces he will watch Leviathan as he cooks, promising not to touch anything at Levi's insistence. Levi tells him to sit down away from the counter and goes back to work. Beel asks him what it is he is cooking. To which Levi happily explains the meal is part of his “Meals Straight out of Manga” project and appeared in the manga You Requested for Cait Sith? called The Horse and Carriage Parfait.

"Cooking is lov..."

Leviathan explains that he made the parfait before but this time decided to make it entirely from scratch. He again warns Beel not to touch it. Beelzebub asks whether they will get to eat it once it is done. Levi tells him that he made sure to have ingredients to make one for everyone, though Beel will not get an extra-large. He explains that the dessert is special and tells its story: A shut-in resolves to start his life over, moves to a new town and starts working in Cait Sith's coffee house. After a long, tough journey he thinks up his first original menu item, which is the Horse and Carriage Parfait. Levi gets so excited he adds too much chocolate sauce, and Beel requests that parfait be made his.

"There's no stopp..."

Leviathan explains that protagonist gives Cait Sith the parfait to express gratitude. He then asks Beelzebub to read the story himself to find out what the owner said upon trying the parfait. Levi then adds the final touch: A chocolate candy. Before he can put it on the parfait, Beel eats it. Levi demands he spit it out, lamenting how hard he worked on it. As Levi yells, Beel tells him the chocolate is the best thing he has ever eaten, that he can tell it is handmade and a lot of love went into it. Levi calms down immediately, telling Beel these are exactly Cait Sith's words in the manga the parfait is from, though Beel never read it. Levi is overjoyed, feeling the story became real for him. Mammon and Satan enter the kitchen, watching them bond, as Levi gives Beel more chocolate.

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