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Lucifer's Melancholy
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 3
Card: Lucifer's Melancholy
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Lucifer seems a bit..."

Lucifer is sighing a lot. He doesn't appear to realize it, but MC notices and points it out. They correctly infer that something is bothering him, and though he admits there is something on his mind, he denies the importance in an attempt to avoid the conversation. Unable to hide it from them, though, Lucifer begins to explain; at the Demon Lord's Castle the previous day, he overheard a conversation between Diavolo and Barbatos.

"Allow me to congrat..."

In a flashback, Lucifer is searching the castle for a missing Diavolo and Barbatos. He overhears them talking in another room; Diavolo is enjoying hellfire mushroom rolled cigar cookies that Barbatos prepared. As he's enraptured by the snack, Barbatos reminds him of his duties. Diavolo opts to put it off until the next morning. Then, thinking of Lucifer, Diavolo expresses that making the cookies is the one thing Lucifer can't surpass Barbatos in.

"How adorable!"

Lucifer claims to not feel like he's been compared to Barbatos, but it's clear that his immeasurable pride has been hurt. He seems to be bothered that Diavolo is so certain Barbatos makes better cookies than him when he's never tried it. MC encourages Lucifer to try his hand at it and Lucifer eventually agrees. In the kitchen some time later, said attempt has turned out not so well. The cookies look wrong, are incredibly spicy rather than sweet, and everything is a mess.

"...No thanks."

Against Lucifer's recommendation, MC tastes a cookie. They try to pretend it's not so bad, but there's no denying they're inedible. MC offers Lucifer some words of encouragement, but he isn't really bothered by the failure. In fact, from a different perspective, Diavolo called Lucifer superior to Barbatos in every way but one. Lucifer thanks MC for their idea, as it distracted him from his thoughts and improved his mood, but he decides it'll be a very long time before he tries making the cookies again. As the pair are covered in flour, Lucifer teasingly suggests they shower together.

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