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The Main Character (aka MC) is one of the two human exchange students attending RAD alongside Solomon. Their default name is Yuki. However, the player can change this name - alongside their birth date - at the start of the game.


Although MC's physical appearance completely depends on the player, the demon brothers have noted that they are kind of cute and hard to dislike. Asmodeus provides a few of MC's features in Lesson 8-15, such as their ring fingers being longer than their index fingers, and their ears being on the small side.

Starting in Lesson 45 and continuing to evolve through later Lessons, on the back of MC's hand is a magic seal of three staves and seven stars, which is the crest of the Sorcerers' Society.


MC's personality is determined by the responses and actions they make during the Main Story, Event stories, chats, and calls. However, MC is often considered nosy due to their tendency to get into matters that, at face value, appear to have nothing to do with them.

Mammon once lamented, during Lesson 16-A, that MC "may seem like someone who's really got it together", but has a "boneheaded streak", and that they can be "super reckless...and too damn gutsy." All of the brothers saw a resemblance between MC and the protagonist of a zombie movie in Lesson 41-16 Hard. This was because said protagonist was also reckless, placed the safety of others above their own, and spent lots of energy trying to fix their friends' problems.

In Lesson 4-15, Lucifer commented that MC seems to be "the type of person that has trouble lying."

It is implied in Lesson 17-7 that MC does well at card games. There is an option to downplay it, but Belphegor will believe they are only saying that because they felt sorry for him.

They have a tendency to overdo things when they enforce the pacts that they have. They also frequently go overboard when using magic in general. One example of this is in Lesson 62-14, when MC needed to use water magic to wash Mammon, but ended up completely drenching him.

In the chat Lend Me Your Textbook, Beelzebub mentions that MC always keeps their room clean.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

After Lesson 20, MC's powers increase from those of an average human to possessing a raw power surpassing even Solomon's magical abilities. However, as explained in Lesson 37, MC being a human with a distant angel ancestor, and having pacts with all seven demon brothers, gives them a connection to all three worlds and creates a kind of "ring" that enhances their magical abilities. These powers were initially beyond MC's control, and only by wearing the Ring of Light — given to them by Simeon in Lesson 38 — are they able to keep their magic from unintentionally having a negative effect on all three worlds.



The majority of MC's background remains unspecified, with the only backstory being that they were picked randomly by Lucifer to be part of the exchange program at RAD. Despite having signed a a letter of acceptance confirming their participation from, they were still confused at appearing suddenly within the Devildom's student council hall in Lesson 1-1.

While Lilith was eventually revealed to be MC's distant ancestor, neither they nor Lilith are genetically related to any of the seven brothers, by blood or otherwise. This is because — as angels that were created, not born — none of the brothers are related by blood to begin with. The brothers choose to see their relationships to each other as just that: brothers. This is also why Satan is considered one of the seven "brothers" despite the history of his creation.

Main Story and Events[edit]

The order of the demon brothers who made pacts with MC from first to last goes as follows: Mammon (Lesson 2-8), Leviathan (Lesson 4-6), Beelzebub (Lesson 6-10), Asmodeus (Lesson 8-15), Satan (Lesson 12-10), Belphegor (Lesson 18-19), and finally Lucifer (Lesson 20-14).

In Lesson 38-17, MC is given the Ring of Light in order to better control their magical powers and connection to all three worlds. With it in their possession, they now rank alongside Solomon as one of the most powerful human sorcerers in existence.

In Lesson 41, MC was revealed to be studying the magical arts with Solomon serving as their teacher. From Lesson 45 onward, MC underwent seven trials to earn their sorcerer's license. By the end of Lesson 58, MC officially became a sorcerer, though they are still under Solomon's apprenticeship.

MC has so far developed kemonomini traits three separate times. The first was in We're All Bad Here, where they developed bunny ears after eating one of Simeon's cookies. The second was when MC has the choice of being a dog or rabbit as a game avatar in the Devilgram Animal Game. The third was in Lesson 53, when MC was magically given a sheep's tail to play the game Tail Thieves.


Because MC's relationships vary depending on the player, this section is for interactions with MC and the other characters that are both immutable and noteworthy.


  • In the Dark Santa Pop Quiz, Lucifer gifted MC a rose from a completely new genus which he crossbred himself, using magic so that the rose won't wilt for a year.


  • When teaching Seductive Speechcraft to MC in Lesson 29-7, Satan was easily seduced by them when they meowed cutely.
    • A similar moment occurred in Lesson 46-7 if MC chose to put on cat ears to battle Satan in the RPG Devil's Quest.


  • In Lesson 31-32, Asmodeus asked MC to help him win the bloody moon competition. He was very grateful for MC's assistance, and stated that MC gave him new insight about himself and Lucifer.


  • This is the first Shall We Date game where the MC isn't exclusively female.
    • Depending on the player, MC may be any gender, and is identified using they/them pronouns.
  • In the first draft of the game, MC was originally going to be in high school employed to babysit the seven brothers (under the guise of humans) at the House of Lamentation in the human world.
    • At the time, they were also written in mind as female.
    • MC also would have had a mother who's an artist, and one of her art pieces was in Diavolo's possession.
    • In Lesson 41, this plot was reused as a cover concocted by the brothers (mostly by Mammon and Asmodeus) to surprise MC when they were staying in the Human World during their vacation.
  • MC appears in the Another Cat Person card as a cat.
    • This is the first time MC has appeared on any card.
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