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Story Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
A Request Lesson 4-17
Hello from the Celestial Realm Lesson 21-16 Hard
Hello from the Celestial Realm (Continued) 2 Lesson 22-16 Hard
How Are You Feeling? Lesson 44-18
FYI Lesson 73-15
I'm Ready Lesson 76-14
Angel's First Horror Game 2 Angel's First Horror Game Devilgram

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title CG Day Number
What's In My Bag? Day 109
Juice Day 131
Skills 2 Day 155
Simeon's Complaint Day 172
Miscommunication Day 202
The Secret to Stress Relief: Lucifer Day 228
An Unexpected Approach 2 Day 277
Important Documents Day 330
Record Freak Day 400
A Talented Nail Stylist Day 423
The Magic of a Pat on the Head Day 461
Brotherly Love No More Day 541
I Come Bearing Gifts Day 557
Lucifer's Request 1 Day 601
Almost Like a Diary Day 694
Beel Not Eating 1 Day 709
The Magic Pillow Day 729
The Right Demon for the Job? Day 766
Is That Mammon?(1) Day 784
Shopping List Blues 2 Day 795
Ticket Stubs 2 Day 906
Obstacle Day 951
A Mysterious Plant 2 Day 977
Building Muscle 2 Day 993
Into the Thick of It Day 1,039
Where Did They Go?! 2 Day 1,092
The Same Old Issue 1 Day 1,101
Good Grief Day 1,128

Card Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
Hey Survival Picnic
Good Tidings Rainbow of Love
The Ex-Model Students Birthday Promises
A Word Between Fellow Apprentices Beloved Reunion
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