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Who Took the Pudding?
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 5
Beelzebub Lv. 3
Card: Who Took the Pudding?
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"You probably ate it yourself."

Beelzebub makes a ruckus in the common room because he can't find something. Asmodeus asks him what's wrong, and guesses that he had left a dessert in the fridge which is now gone. Beel then asks Asmo if he did it, which confirms Asmo's earlier assumption. He then denies taking Beel's pudding, and Beel asks MC and Asmo for help in finding the culprit.

"It's becoming clear who's behind..."

Asmodeus agrees to help Beelzebub find his pudding, trying to trick him into getting into the bath with him afterwards, but fails. Beel states that he can't withdraw now since he already agreed, and says that they need to look for the thief immediately. MC asks a question and learns that Beel last saw the pudding in the fridge that morning. Asmo then asks who's been in the House of Lamentation apart from them and Beel replies with Mammon and Satan.

"Who is this for?"

They head over to the common room to ask Satan if he took Beelzebub's pudding, but he denies doing so. Asmodeus asks him to prove it, and Satan simply explains that he doesn't like pudding enough to risk angering Beel by eating his pudding. Beel then asks MC and regardless of what they say, Beel and Asmo rule Satan out. They then go over to question Mammon. He says he wouldn't take Beel's pudding as it's not valuable, but they suspect him anyway. Asmo says it must be him since there were only five people in the House of Lamentation that morning, and Mammon then tells them that they should add another suspect to their list since there was a visitor in the morning.

"Stop making a fuss."

Asmodeus asks Mammon if that's true, and Beelzebub asks who it was. Mammon tells them it was Solomon, who had come to return Satan his book. Beel asks MC what they think, and regardless of what they say, Mammon then brings up two more suspects they haven't considered yet: Asmo and MC. Beel then gets hungry and they head over to the kitchen. If MC suggests looking in the freezer, they find Beel's pudding, which had been frozen solid. Beel then remembers that he had put it in there to make pudding-flavored sherbet, but forgot about it afterwards.

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