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Where Did the Rabbit Go?
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 5
Card: Where Did the Rabbit Go?
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"What's the plan?"

MC and Beelzebub show up at the Demon Lord's Castle, having been asked by Diavolo to do so. Beel asks where the food is, but Diavolo confesses that he had actually requested them to come here for a different reason. He reveals a rabbit and states that he would like MC and Beelzebub to take care of it.

"loooool Are you for real?!"

The rabbit is brought back to the House of Lamentation. Asmodeus asks why Diavolo had the rabbit in the first place, and Beel answers that he and Barbatos had visited the human world and unknowingly been followed by the rabbit back to the Devildom. Mammon then asks if the rabbit has a name, and Beel responds with "Marshmallow." After MC states their opinion on the name, Mammon asks if taking care of the bunny is a good idea after all. Asmo agrees, but Beel retaliates, saying that he can take care of the rabbit. Asmo teasingly tells MC to make sure Beelzebub doesn't eat the bunny, then Mammon realizes that the bunny is missing.

"As white as an angel's..."

Asmo asks where the bunny is, referring to it as "Bunbun." Beel corrects him, and says its name is "Marshmallow," but is immediately ignored by Mammon who refers to it as "furball." Beel gets annoyed, but Mammon changes the subject, talking about how bad it is to lose the rabbit if Beel was supposed to look after it for Lord Diavolo.

Everyone begins searching for the rabbit together, but are unable to find it. Suddenly, Asmo and Mammon accuse Beel of eating the rabbit. Beel denies doing so, and if MC chooses to believe him, he will thank MC. If they don't, he gets irritated and defends himself, saying that the joke "wasn't funny." Asmo again asks where the rabbit could have gone, and Beel reveals that he has an idea of where it could be.

"All's well that ends well!"

Mammon and Asmodeus complain about not having found the rabbit yet, lamenting about how they'd be punished by Lucifer for losing it. Beelzebub ignores them and tells MC that he found Marshmallow. MC follows him into his room where Belphegor is, and he explains that Marshmallow had turned up on his bed just now.

Some time later, Beelzebub tells MC that he learned from Barbatos that Marshmallow was safely returned to the human world. He expresses disappointment at not having an excuse to hang around MC, but still wants to spend more time with them. MC can then choose to kiss him, hug him, or give him a piece of candy.

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