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"The owner of the Reaper's Cave, Thirteen has been acquainted with Solomon for a very long time, and often competes with him in games for his soul. She always names the traps she makes for fun, and you can say the naming is rather unique."

Thirteen is first mentioned as simply "the reaper" in Lesson 35-5. She is a powerful entity that watches over the Life Candles that represent the souls of all humans, demons, and angels. Her first proper appearance is in Lesson 65-3.


Thirteen is a reaper with pale skin and long, colorful hair parted in the middle. Her hair starts pink at the roots and turns purple and blue further down. Her eyebrows are also blue. Her eyes are vaguely reptilian in appearance due to her vertical pupils. They are lime green with a pink gradient. Thirteen is also visibly wearing makeup: eye shadow that matches the colors of her hair and red lip gloss. On her hands, she wears yellow nail polish.


As seen in the Devilgram Battle for the Bread!, Thirteen isn't the strongest singer. Asmodeus comments that she's "completely tone-deaf."



  • Thirteen prefers small dogs over large ones because she thinks they're cuter, as stated in the Devilgram Battle for the Bread!.
  • Thirteen has a sweet tooth, as seen in Lesson 72-7 when MC is able to convince Thirteen to answer some questions after she's given sweets made by Luke.


  • It seems that Thirteen has a dislike for angels.
    • She refers to Raphael in Lesson 65-9 as an "arrogant, self-important angel."
    • In the same lesson, Diavolo remarks that he expected that asking a reaper and an angel to work together would be difficult.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

Note: this section may include spoilers.

As a reaper, Thirteen possesses many unique powers. As mentioned in her character introduction video, she has lived for over a thousand years. Reapers have the important responsibility of watching over the Life Candles that represent the souls of all humans, demons, and angels. Being tasked with monitoring the candles also means she had ready access them, and so can alter the lifespan of those the candles represent if she chooses, as explained in Lesson 35. As mentioned by Solomon in Lesson 36, Thirteen also has the ability to harvest the souls of the living.

She lives in an ensorcelled cave that is designed to prevent those who enter it from reaching the final level. Each level in the cave has a rule that must be followed, and breaking said rule has consequences. In Lesson 35-12, Solomon explains that the reaper determines these rules.


Note: this section may include spoilers.


Thirteen has an older sister named Candy. They seem not to get on well, as Thirteen told MC that if she told them too much, Candy would be upset and come for her.

Main Story and Events[edit]

In Lesson 35, "the reaper" became angry at Beelzebub for accidentally breaking Lucifer's cursed record "Hymn of the Reaper." In retaliation, she caused Beelzebub's life candle to burn significantly faster and almost extinguish.

According to Lord Diavolo in Lesson 65-6, reapers "don't fully 'belong' to any of the three worlds." This is why when looking to broaden the scope of RAD's exchange student program, Thirteen was chosen as one of the new exchange students.

In Lesson 70-16 Hard, Lord Diavolo offered to let Thirteen live in Purgatory Hall like Raphael, but Thirteen refused.


Note: this section may include spoilers.


Thirteen has a very obvious and very strong dislike for Solomon. In Lesson 35-9, when he, the seven brothers, and MC visited the Reaper's Cave while Thirteen was away, she left a note calling him a "pest of a magician" and a "boneheaded fool." She also warned that if he entered the cave while she was gone, she'd destroy his life candle.

As Solomon tells MC in Lesson 36-C, Thirteen wants to harvest his soul, so he agreed to part with it if Thirteen were to beat him at a game. During one of these attempts at taking his soul, Solomon invited Thirteen to eat some of his food. His cooking was so terrible, Thirteen has disliked him ever since.

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