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Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title CG Requirements
Recipe 2 Day 159
A Secret Summons Day 259
Lord Diavolo's Wish Day 269
Joining Dogi✩Maji Day 317
Where the Treasure Goes 1 Day 354
The Occasional Reward Day 373
Begging for Forgiveness(1) Day 429
Riddle Escape Room Day 435
Demon Lord Cup Cutie Day 446
Riding a Hot Air Balloon! Day 462
Be Careful With Experiments Day 474
Ready for the Big Day Day 533
An Enormous Pudding 2 Day 574
Diavolo's Flower Fortune-Telling Day 624
A Source of Headaches 2 Day 631
What Barbatos Saw(1) Day 645
A Special Cat Café Day 662
Farming in the Devildom 2 Day 663
Unidentified Flying Object 1 Day 671
Mammon's Proposition 2 Day 678
An Adorable Plushie 1 Day 702
The RAD Cleanup Plan 1 Day 719
The Many Forms of Eggs Day 747
Canned Food Party 1 Day 749
How Things are Going at RAD Day 767
The Royal Book Club 2 Day 796
Back to Square One 2 Day 803
Cleaning 2 Day 824
New Thrills Day 868
Gotta Dream Big Day 870
Hide-And-Seek Tournament 2 Day 887
A Pudding's Tale Day 892
Watch Those Winds! Day 908
School Trip 3 Day 917
Gluttony 1 Day 961
A New Trend? 1 Day 967
Weeding Is Therapeutic 2 Day 992
Slumber Exchange (Castle Edition) 2 Day 1,001
One More Game! Day 1,032
Incident in the Garden 2 Day 1,045
Voodoo-Chan 6 Day 1,061
Voodoo-Chan 12 Day 1,067
The Travel Lottery Day 1,070
The Paper Plane Tournament 8 Day 1,088

Card Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
All Together Our Summer Festival
Barbatos the Talented Butler Knitted With Love
Barbatos's Lesson A Secret Present
Party in the Labyrinth It's Lonely Being Me
That Beautiful Dame The Legendary Dame
That's What I Mean Snowy Bliss
I'll Take Care of You! A Kind Demon's Care
New Clothes, New Image? Mammon at the Office
A Night to Remember Cat Masks and Ramune
Game Strats Handmade Present!
Beginner's Luck? Gaming 101
Barbatos's Thoughts Seek a Melody
Good Times at Hell's Kitchen Lunch at Hell's Kitchen!
The Royal Treasurer A Masquerade Ball for Two
Unwavering Barbatos! Diavolo, at Your Service!
Thanks for the Flowers Flowers and Muscles
Best Butler in the Three Realms My Master
Disguise Catch the Phantom Thief!
Efficiency is Key The Two Inventors
An Easily Influenced Young Lord The Horror Feast
The Encyclopedias Picture Book Celebration
The Fanciest of Castles A Procession for Two
Speak of Mephisto A Sensible Next-In-Line

Other Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
Happy Birthday (Royals) Player's Birthday
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