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Test of Endurance Devilgram.png
Test of Endurance
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 7
Card: Test of Endurance
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"He's a real gentleman."

In the common room, Beel tells MC about some tickets he has. But before he can say much, Mammon interrupts him, interested in the tickets Beel is holding: one-day passes for Devil's Coast, a famous carnival in the Devildom. Hearing that, Asmo becomes enthusiastic as well. Beel says he was going to give them to MC, secretly hoping they would invite him. Since Beel was planning to give them away, Mammon decides they compete for the tickets. Beel is a bit sad about the situation, but there's nothing he can do about it. The other brothers gather, but only Satan joins the competition. Asmo thinks Beel should get a handicap because he is too good with sports. Beel promises MC he will try to win the tickets anyway.

"You better clean up your mess!"

The first round is 500 meters hurdles. They all gather in the hallway and Asmo goes first, but because he doesn't want to get sweaty and mess up his hair, he takes his time. Five minutes later, Asmo reaches the finish line. Next up is Satan. It takes him 23 seconds. Mammon takes 11 seconds. MC can then finish the hurdles 0.03 seconds faster than Mammon. Beel is last, and he is already hungry. Asmo tells him that his handicap is, on top of being hungry, 3 extra seconds on his time. His brothers are a bit worried about his hunger, but if MC baits him with bread, Beel wins the hurdles with ease: 5 seconds!

"Is that a limited edition?!"

The next round is a standing long jump and Mammon wants to go first, but he slips, so he is disqualified. Satan slipped as well, even after he told Mammon he was an idiot for slipping, which embarrasses him. Asmo does relatively well and then it's MC's turn. Depending on the choice, they do well, or slip, like the others, but Asmo still remains in the lead. Beel is feeling so hungry that his brothers decide that's the only handicap he needs. MC can bait him with bread again or cheer him on, making him the winner again. Mammon doesn't want to give up the tickets and decides to change the rules: the winner of the next round will be the overall winner. Even if that's not really fair, they all shrug and go with it.

"They're running out of food."

The final round is a marathon: one lap around the House of Lamentation. Mammon and Beel both get a handicap this time. Mammon gets some weights strapped to him and even though he complains that it's too heavy, nobody listens. Beel has to start a minute later than the others. The race starts, but MC stays behind with Beel. But when they look away for a second, Beel has disappeared! MC goes looking for him in the kitchen, where they find him eating. Then Beel remembers the marathon, but five minutes have already passed. He doesn't think he can win anymore. However, he still wants to finish it together with MC. Back outside, they see the others pulling each other, arguing over who crosses the finish line first, giving them time to catch up and cross the finish line first together. This makes Beel the winner and he asks MC to go out with him to Devil's Coast.

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