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Seven Rulers of Hell (Asmodeus) Devilgram.png
Seven Rulers of Hell (Asmodeus)
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 8
Card: Seven Rulers of Hell (Asmodeus)
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"I'm telling you, I'm NOT jea..."

Asmodeus and MC are in the Human World. Asmo is excited for his date with MC and promises them that they will have a wild and crazy day together. If MC is also excited about the day ahead, Asmo is happy. If they ask Asmo not to make the day too crazy then Asmo responds that he can't make any promises. He then wonders aloud what they should do and decides that the two of them should get matching manicures. So Asmo takes MC to one of his favorite human world salons.


Asmodeus tells MC that the nail salon doubles as a fashion boutique and comments that they have a great selection of cute nail art supplies. He also tells MC that while they could request the staff do their nails, they can also book a private room so they can do each other's nails. Asmo tells MC that he will do their nails. If MC is excited about this, then Asmo tells them that they will be floored when they see their nails. But if MC is hesitant, then Asmo insists that MC have faith in him and assures them that their nails will be adorable. Asmo decides that he will give MC both a manicure and a pedicure, commenting that it's like he's leaving his own personal mark on them.

"He's ready for some acti..."

In the nail salon's private room, Asmodeus tells MC that they have cute nails, and then asks if it's weird that he said that. If MC says that it isn't weird, then Asmo is content. If MC does think it's weird, Asmo responds that he couldn't not think MC's nails are cute, because it's their fingers. MC can tell Asmo he has cute nails, too, and Asmo says that he wants every part of him to be cute. Then Asmo comments that he and MC are alone, and asks if the rest of their body is as cute as their nails. If MC plays along and says that Asmo can take a peek, then Asmo asks what qualifies as a peek. If MC tells Asmo not to peek, then he complains. Asmo then comments that touching MC makes him want to do more.

"Where did you go duri..."

Asmodeus tells MC that doing their nails is fun, but he thinks that it's not enough, so he suggests he also work on other parts of them. If MC objects, then Asmo says that he wants to be more creative. MC can also ask Asmo what "other parts" he is talking about, in which case he teases them and asks what they hope he will say. And if MC agrees to Asmo's request, then he is slightly surprised, and tells them that if they end up regretting it later, not to blame him. Then Asmo shows MC some temporary tattoo stickers. Asmo wants to have matching nails and tattoos with MC, and asks where he should put the tattoo: on their collarbone, back, or wrist. Asmo is pleased with MC's choice and compliments them. Then Asmo and MC leave the salon. Asmo then spots a hair salon, and wants to get matching streaks with MC before they do anything else.

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