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Paying Back What's Owed Devilgram.png
Paying Back What's Owed
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 5
Belphegor Lv. 3
Card: Paying Back What's Owed
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"He went there to hide..."

Mammon runs into Belphegor's room and jumps under Belphie's blanket as he attempts to hide from Leviathan who was chasing him to recover some of the money that Mammon borrowed. After Levi runs past and the threat has passed, Mammon wants Belphie to let him stay until Levi calms down but Belphie refuses. Despite Mammon's pestering, Belphie doesn't change his mind.

"There's no way t..."

Belphegor suggests that Mammon should just return the money but Mammon refuses - he spent it all. He demands Belphie's help again, claiming that he's been a good older brother always looking out for Belphie. Belphie points out that he probably couldn't name even one situation when he was looking out for him, and Mammon indeed cannot. However, Belphie suddenly remembers one time when Lucifer was furious at him.

"So he can do goo..."

In Belphegor's flashback, Lucifer barged into the music room where Belphie was sleeping to scold and punish him for not showing up in school. Belphie pretended to be asleep, which only infuriated Lucifer more, but before Lucifer started shaking Belphie awake, Mammon intervened. He tried to reason with Lucifer that they were all still adapting to the new environment and that it was tiring, and it was probably most difficult for Belphie who had been the closest to Lilith. He also noted that Lucifer was so irritable likely due to exhaustion too. While Lucifer's anger didn't pass, he let Mammon lead him away for some Demonus.

"Belphie's sa..."

Leviathan comes back and demands Belphegor to open the door and give him Mammon so he can shake him down from his money. Despite Mammon's pleas, Belphie opens the door and Levi lashes at Mammon. Belphie however asks him to wait and give Mammon a bit more time. He reasons that Mammon doesn't have money anyway so shaking him down won't have any sensible results but tire him. Since Levi hates overexerting himself, Belphie manages to convince him to give up for now. Levi sets a deadline of one month, and Belphie promises to help him beat Mammon up if Mammon doesn't pay back the money within that time. With this, as Belphie sees it, they're even and he paid back Mammon for that one and only time when Mammon helped him.

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