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Partners Devilgram.png
Intimacy: Satan Lv. 5
Asmodeus Lv. 3
Card: Partners
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"Looks like a cas..."

While at RAD, Beelzebub suddenly discovers his snack is missing and gets upset. Satan, overhearing him, asks to see his bag of snacks. Asmodeus is shocked, as the bag contains nothing but sweets. Satan, not understanding why his brother is upset, tells Beel he still has plenty of snacks left. Beel replies that he is missing a Chococrunch and he was sure he put it in the bag. Asmo asks Beel if he ate it but forgot, but Beel starts to yell, insisting he's sure. Satan tells Asmo not to provoke Beel as he angrily declares someone stole the Chococrunch. Satan tries to calm his brother down and tells him he will find the culprit. Asmo says he will help, too.

"I hope I was of s..."

Satan tells Beelzebub he will ask some questions, but Beel needs to tell him everything. Asmodeus says he will write it down as the smart, capable partner like those in TV crime dramas. Beel explains that he put his Chococrunch in his bag immediately after purchase. The Chococrunch is sold exclusively Madam Scream's. Satan decides it's worth investigating further, and Asmo volunteers to assist. Eventually Satan returns, revealing they questioned the manager and customers. The missing handmade snack has a unique flavor, causing Crystal from Sucre Frenzy to blog about being "hooked on it". She also appeared on TV with it, causing demand for Chococrunch to skyrocket. Beel rushed to stock up on Chococrunch, as it was now becoming harder to get. Satan added that Beel mentioned someone following him constantly at the store. Asmo adds that suspect rabidly follows everything Sucre Frenzy, and Satan announces they've found their culprit.

"He's like a real..."

Satan tells Asmodeus to get everyone to gather in RAD's assembly hall. After everyone arrives, he reveals they gathered everyone to discuss the theft of Beelzebub's snack. When Beel asks who's the culprit, Satan asks Beel to look at the other student council officers before dramatically announcing none of them stole it. The real culprit was apprehended by Asmo, who comes in, forcing Leviathan along ahead of him. Levi protests being tied up, but Satan says they can't free him until he tells the truth. Satan reveals Levi paid a visit to Madam Scream's and states this is unusual behavior for a shut-in, to travel all the way to Madam Scream's. He thinks Levi was after the Chococrunch Crystal blogged about. Apparently, Levi got to the store to find the Chococrunch sold out, as Beel had bought out the last of the shop's stock only moments before.

"I'll take a pict..."

Satan reveals Leviathan returned home and immediately followed Beelzebub's movements closely. As soon as Beel looked away, he snatched the Chococrunch. Levi yells that he had to have one of his favorite star's favorite snacks. It was already hard for him to force himself to leave the house only to find the snack sold out. Satan declares his work done, telling Beel that he can decide whether to forgive Levi or not. Solomon congratulates them, stating it felt like an episode of a highly popular crime suspense drama. Diavolo, silent until now, speaks up. According to him and Lucifer, there were countless complaints from students unable to buy any Chococrunch because the two "detectives" devoured them, claiming it part of their investigation. Diavolo suggests an official written apology is in order, and Lucifer states it will be placed on the bulletin board for all to see.

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