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No Eavesdropping!
Intimacy: Lucifer Lv. 5
Satan Lv. 3
[Beelzebub]] Lv. 3
Card: No Eavesdropping!
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Should I bring them someth..."

MC is in their room when they receive a call from Satan. He found a book he mentioned to them previously and asks if MC would like to come get it. In his room, Satan reveals that he actually has the entire series to lend to MC, but since they're heavy asks MC to just read them in his room and keep him company. They both start reading their books when MC gets another call.

"I'm already getting hungry."

The call comes from Beel, inviting MC to find something to snack on. Satan overhears half of the conversation and MC invites him to come along so together they go to the kitchen. Beel's surprised to see Satan who explains that they were already hanging out. Beel finds a mountain goat cheese pizza and they eat it together. Then MC receives another call.

"You're lucky you got away!"

This time the call comes from Lucifer, who impatiently asks MC if they aren't forgetting something. Turns out that Lucifer and MC made plans to listen to a record together. MC quickly says goodbye to Satan and Beel, who are both a bit bewildered by MC's quick exit. Lucifer is annoyed that MC forgot and is late, but forgives them if they apologize. He tells MC to take a seat and turns on the the music he prepared. It's a serenade from the human world and Lucifer is making very obvious hints to make the atmosphere romantic between them. But then they hear a ringtone but this time it's coming from MC's phone.

"They're ruining the mood!"

The ringing is coming from the door and, irritated, Lucifer opens it. He finds Satan and Beel eavesdropping. They explain they were with MC when Lucifer called and were curious because they overheard part of the conversation. Lucifer tells them they have a lot of nerve to eavesdrop on him and MC, so MC, worried Lucifer might get angry, tries to soothe the situation. Pacified, Lucifer invites his brothers in as well. Satan hears the music and recognizes the song. Beel just thinks it sounds nice and then says he's hungry again. Lucifer is still annoyed and asks how it's so easy to listen in on MC's phone calls so Satan checks MC's phone and adjusts some settings. Lucifer then decides to buy pizza for everybody so they won't have to listen to Beel's stomach growling. Annoyed, he says his plans with MC have turned into a house party.

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