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Story Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
Making Someone Go Without Dinner is Just Cruel Lesson 24-7
Where Mammon Might Be Lesson 62-11
Where Are You? Lesson 64-4

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title CG Day Number
Warning Day 87
Fortune-Telling 2 Day 157
Satan's Mischief Day 174
Cafeteria Recommendations Day 199
Designed by Asmo Day 223
Satan's Standards Day 224
Asmo's Lipstick Review Day 242
My Good Points Day 258
Selfie Lessons Day 261
Limited-Time Sale Day 305
The Pink Bath Bomb Day 316
Your Favorite Cut of Meat Day 335
How to Keep a Pure Heart 2(1) Day 377
Mysterious Creature Day 400
Asmo on Stage! Day 470
Youngest of Them All Day 489
The Cats' Whereabouts Day 498
Beel's Favorite Pastime Day 540
Right Before You Go to Bed Day 563
A Death Fowl in the Dining Room Day 596
The Asmo Twins Day 684
The Great Cake Battle 3 Day 714
What's up With the TV? 2 Day 739
Such Great Big Brothers Day 765
Beel the DevilTuber 2 Day 794
Teamwork 2 Day 842
What a Sourpuss! Day 890
The Seven Lords Quiz Tournament 2(1) Day 943
A New Menu Item(1) Day 967
Beel's New Car-Dio Workout Day 1,049
Voodoo-Chan 13 Day 1,068
Misunderstanding Day 1,107
Reading Habits 17 Day 1,141

Card Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
Serves Him Right Three Wishes
How Can I Be so Beautiful? The Sleepy Detective
What Do You Think? Lucifer's Lover
I'm an Influencer Lemon Parfait Lovers
Back to the Way Things Were A Demon's Desire
Love and Hate Chocolate for You
Taking Up Reading Our Story's Ending
Yum ♡ Barbatos the Chef
Suspicious Activity Catch Your Heart!
What Illusion? Illusion Skincare?!
Let's Go See the Cat Wish-Granting Charm
Truth Behind the Victory A Lazy New Year's
You're My Star! Let Me Be Your Number One
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