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My Cursed Friend
Intimacy: Leviathan Lv. 6
Card: My Cursed Friend
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Chill, Levi. Wha..."

Sitting at the dinner table, everyone hears a scream. Beel and Asmo conclude that it definitely came from Levi. Asmo and Satan comment that it's not too unusual, since Levi usually gets so absorbed in games that he doesn't realize he's screaming. Then a doorbell can be heard in the home, but before anyone can answer the door Levi sprints down the corridor to open it himself. MC decides to check out what got him so excited, catching Levi outside his room, startling him in the process.

"Levi's off the wa..."

MC asks what just arrived at the house, but Levi is reluctant to answer. He starts complaining that MC probably won't know the real value of the item anyway. MC can either tell him to forget it or still want to know. Regardless, Levi will invite them back to his room "as a favor" to tell them what's inside it. Inside the room, Levi teases MC for their curiosity but praises them for "knowing something good when they smell it." He explains that he won a High-Five Henry figurine and that it's the only one in the whole Devildom. MC doesn't seem impressed, so Levi begins convincing them of its importance. When MC still remains unimpressed, Levi panics, thinking they will try to leave. He explains that letting them see Henry is another special favor, and forbids them from moving. He then begins unpacking.

"It appears to be more..."

After opening the box Levi marvels at the figurine. MC asks if he's going to open it. At first Levi is opposed to the idea, saying it would be "sacrilege," but then admits that he can't high-five Henry if he remains in the box. He opens the box but does so using gloves. Levi again fawns over the figurine, stopping himself to blush and tells MC that he's "not going crazy." He puts it on his top shelf, to which MC asks if he's not going to high-five Henry. Levi answers that he will do it when he's alone since "it's a very sacred ceremony." MC thinks the unboxing is over, to which Levi panics again, telling them it's not even close to being over. A mystery voice answers that Levi is really trying to say "don't leave." Levi accuses MC of acting strange, but MC denies saying anything.

"It's interesting..."

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