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Mammon the Butler
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 5
Card: Mammon the Butler
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"He won't do it?!"

In the same alternate universe as the Demon de Butler Pop Quiz, Lucifer assigns Mammon to be MC's butler, and Mammon is to serve them, as they are the Master. Mammon refuses, as he doesn't want to serve anyone. Satan points out that Mammon is the only one who rebels against the task, and scolds him for the rude tone that he brushed MC off with. Mammon doesn't care and leaves right away. Lucifer apologizes to MC for Mammon's behavior, and promises to punish him.

"I'm sure he has his reasons."

MC finds Mammon on the staircase. If they call him by his name, he expects them to say that they don't want such an incompetent and rude butler. He complains again that he doesn't want to be involved in the whole ordeal, and tries to shoo them away. He tells them that he doesn't want to call someone like them his Master. Belphegor and Asmodeus show up, and scold him due to the way he was talking to MC.

"Oh? He'll do it after all!"

Mammon gets upset that Belphegor and Asmodeus were listening in on his conversation with MC. Asmo rebuffs him, saying that they were just passing by and overheard the argument. Belphie is upset by how rude Mammon was to MC, and by the awful things he was saying. Mammon repeats again that he's not going to be MC's butler. He doesn't agree to give up his freedom, and is even ready to take punishment for that. Asmo tells him that if he can't accept it, he can pack up his things and leave. Belphie doesn't want to let him off the hook for his rudeness either for his. Mammon claims that he is not saying all this because he wants to be mean, then leaves, and drags MC away with him.

"He's just a softie deep down!"

Mammon complains in his room that no one is minding their own business, and tells MC that as their Master, they should tell his brothers to stop bothering him. He then calms down, and explains that the fact that he doesn't want to be their butler doesn't mean that he has something against them. Rather, he wants to be equal and share small things and laugh with them. Being a servant isn't the kind of relationship he wants with them. Mammon notices, however, that MC is still MC no matter what anyone calls them. He also likes seeing them happy, so he doesn't mind being their butler so much anymore, if it means he'll get to see them happy whenever he wants to. Mammon decides he's going to participate after all, and calls them Master. MC can then choose to ask him to come closer either for tea, or for a kiss.

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