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Mammon the Bunny
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 7
Card: Mammon the Bunny
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"Even for a demon, that's pre..."

Mammon barges into MC's room and asks them to hide him, because Lucifer is looking for him. Mammon claims he didn't do anything wrong, but he's aware that it doesn't sound convincing. Soon, Lucifer drops by MC's room, expecting Mammon to try to hide there. Mammon lists several things he definitely didn't do, but only adds to the list, as Lucifer wasn't aware of any of the mentioned misdeeds. Lucifer was looking for Mammon due to an unpaid bill Mammon left at The Fall, and demands that Mammon either pay the bill or work until he earns enough to cover it.

"That totally went out with a bang!"

Mammon complains to MC that he shouldn't have run his mouth about other misdeeds, and blames MC for everything, as they were supposed to protect him from Lucifer. MC can either tell Mammon that he deserved it, apologize, or threaten to call Lucifer. Mammon doesn't want to work, so he comes up with a plan of escape. Before he can even finish explaining, he's caught by Leviathan, who was sent by Lucifer to keep an eye on Mammon to ensure there's no escape attempts. Levi passes a message from Lucifer as well that MC is tasked to keep an eye on Mammon by pretending to be a customer at The Fall.

"Very energetic, don't you th..."

Once it's clear that MC is going with him, Mammon doesn't mind working at The Fall so much anymore. In the club, Mammon is doing surprisingly well, welcoming and entertaining customers and collecting and bringing orders. He wants some praise from MC for doing a good job - however if they do praise him and tell him that he's amazing and hot, he gets flustered as he didn't expect them to say something like that in front of everyone. Later Belphegor shows up, sent by Lucifer. When they're talking, Mammon disappears - after checking up with the manager, Belphie comes back with bad news: Mammon ran away because he was told to wear bunny ears and hated the idea.

"Who'd want matching ones a..."

Outside of the club, Belphegor and MC — with Beelzebub's help — start looking for Mammon. MC manages to find him first, and Mammon complains to them about the bunny ears. He claims they'd look better on MC, and wants them to try them on. If they agree, he gets flustered by how cute MC looks in them. Mammon then tries to convince MC to come with him for some alone time, but gets interrupted by Belphie and Beel. The twins threaten to tell Lucifer about what happened, which makes Mammon go back to work. In the club, MC has to wear bunny ears too. The news of what happened reached Lucifer, and he blamed Mammon's escape on MC. Mammon doesn't mind the bunny ears anymore, as he can watch MC wearing them through the whole night.

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