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Horror Night Devilgram.png
Horror Night
Intimacy: Mammon Lv. 3
Satan Lv. 4
Asmodeus Lv. 5
Card: Horror Night
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x10

Story Summary

"You call this a..."

Mammon is pondering whether to watch the horror movie that Levi manipulated him into taking. In a flashback, Levi states it's a highly praised human world horror and Mammon laughed that a human film wouldn't scare him, but as he later reads the description on the box. It's a horror about greedy witches which is the worst possible topic. Mammon then comes up with an idea.

"What could they b..."

Mammon goes to Lucifer to invite him - as there is nothing more frightening than Lucifer so a horror movie won't be as scary - to watch the film, but Lucifer isn't in his room. When Mammon texts him about it, Lucifer explains he won't be coming back until late. Asmo and Satan spot Mammon in Lucifer's room and assume that he's up to no good. As much as Asmo is outraged, Satan is fully willing to help Mammon.

"Oh, they're total..."

Satan asks what they should destroy first in Lucifer's room, but Asmo notices the movie that Mammon is holding and assumes that he stole it from Lucifer. As Mammon explains what it is, Satan wants to watch it as he's curious what kind of stuff humans consider scary. Asmo joins and they start watching it. Asmo and Mammon quickly get scared, but Mammon claims that he isn't and it's just Asmo's scream that startled him.

"OK, I'll watch it too..."

Satan doesn't believe Mammon, who clings to him, but Mammon claims it's in case Satan is scared. It annoys Satan who tells Mammon to hold onto Asmo instead but Asmo is grossed out by the idea. Satan mentions it would be sweet and show their bond, so Asmo agrees for photos and stories on his Devilgram - his fans apparently like to see him bond with his brothers. Posing and performing for the photos and videos, the two quickly stop paying attention to the movie, so Satan starts narrating what's happening on screen. His skilled narration is so vivid and descriptive that it's worse than watching the movie itself and the two get even more frightened by just listening to him telling them the film. As the movie reaches its climax and the last witch opens the door in the movie, Lucifer enters the room, scaring Mammon and Asmo out of their minds.

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