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Guided by Desire
Intimacy: Asmodeus Lv. 3
Card: Guided by Desire
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"What are those two ra.."

Asmodeus calls Solomon on the phone at the cemetery. He tries to sweet talk Solomon regarding something, but Solomon isn't buying it. Asmodeus wants Solomon to go clubbing with him, and Solomon doesn't understand why. Solomon tells Asmodeus he doesn't actually need him to tag along, and demands Asmodeus tell the truth behind the reason. Asmodeus admits that Lucifer has been watching his every move, so he can't get caught, which is also the reason why he stopped by the cemetery to make the call.

"Talk about passio..."

Solomon still doesn't understand why Asmodeus needs to party every night, and suggests that he could stay in for a few days. Asmodeus strongly opposes the idea, telling Solomon that he can't skip his rituals, nor disappoint his fans waiting for him at the club every night. He begs Solomon to go with him, but Solomon is still hesitant, telling Asmodeus that Lucifer still might spot him and get mad at him for sneaking out. Asmodeus says he already has a plan in case that happens.

"LOL looks like the d..."

Asmodeus explains that he'll tell Lucifer about how Solomon's wanted to see clubs at Devildom so much he begged Asmodeus to take him to one. And since Asmodeus is the one who's responsible for Solomon, he couldn't say no. Solomon says this would put all the blame on him, but Asmodeus promises not to get him into any trouble. Solomon finally agrees, making Asmodeus really happy in turn. Later that night, Asmodeus is waiting for Solomon in front of the club, but it's Lucifer who shows up, shocking Asmodeus. He tries to excuse himself, when Solomon finally arrives as well, telling Lucifer that he's the one who wanted to go partying with Asmodeus. But Lucifer sees right through them, telling Asmodeus this is one of his better excuses.

"What am I going t..."

Lucifer scolds Asmodeus for sneaking out, and for involving Solomon in his lie. Asmodeus apologizes for going out without permission, and asks Lucifer to let him off the hook, promising he won't go out tomorrow. But as he's made this promise a few times, Lucifer isn't buying it anymore. Solomon then asks Lucifer if he could make a request. He admits that while it was Asmodeus's idea, he actually is curious about the clubs in Devildom. He says they should go in together, as they're already there. Lucifer, wanting to get to know Solomon better, and seeing how he wants the best for Asmodeus, agrees into it. Inside the club, Lucifer tells Asmodeus that he better thank Solomon for it, to which Asmodeus replies that he loves both of them.

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