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Welcome to The Obey Me Wiki's Community page! This is where you can find the wiki's guidelines, lists of pages in need of editing, social links, and more!

Helpful Links[edit]

The Wiki Discord Server[edit]

If you are a contributor to the wiki, or you would like to contribute but don't know where to start, you can join The Obey Me Wiki's discord server!

Note: If you're looking for a general Obey Me! discord server to chat with other players, please visit the Fan-created (non-wiki) Discord Servers page. The Wiki Server is for contributors (or those who are interested in contributing) only. Thank you for understanding!

Invite Code: sabT8Y5ZGP
By joining, you agree to the server guidelines.

Wiki Goals[edit]

These are goals that the wiki would like to meet in the future, as well as a kind of To-Do list showing some of the tasks that are being currently worked on.

  • Add original uploader usernames to imported image pages
  • Find a code/method that allows multiple countdown timers on Main Page Events
  • Add missing TOCs to longer pages
  • Make easy-to-use templates for Intimacy and Lesson Item Drop tables
  • Change galleries into templates to provide missing images links to easily upload
  • Figure out how to configure mp4 card files for Moving Picture cards
  • Create a Dark mode alternative for the wiki's theme
Disclaimer: The Obey Me! Wiki is contributed to by a voluntary association of individuals (a.k.a. fans). All rights are reserved and attributed to NTT Solmare Corporation.
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