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Story Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
This Sounds Serious Lesson 67-9
Why Luke Ran Away Lesson 75-1

Daily Chats[edit]

Note: days listed are approximate and may vary

Title CG Day Number
Truth Is... Day 72
WHY?! Day 101
Scribbles Day 138
Pillow Fight 3 Day 153
Auctioned Items 2 Day 220
Beel's Eccentric Behavior 1 Day 238
Cooking Tips 2 Day 245
Satan at His Limit Day 264
Potato Chip Party 2 Day 278
An Invitation from a Witch Day 343
TV Drama Obsessed Day 373
The Intellectual Group Day 401
Unexplained Dreams 2 Day 416
Shadow Alpaca Day 418
Canned Food Development 1 Day 441
Boundless Enthusiasm Day 462
A Hypnotic Song 2 Day 482
Satan the Cat(1) Day 514
Who'd Look Best as a Cat? Day 540
Solomon the Miracle Worker Day 558
ABC Word Chain 13 Day 572
Mission Impawsible Day 578
Practice What You Learned Day 581
An Unexpected Visitor Day 614
New Face Day 655
Right-Pawed, Left-Pawed Day 670
Cat Movies Day 694
Mobile Cat Café Day 729
Documentaries are Awesome 2(1) Day 737
What Is a Cat? Day 761
The Robotic Pet 3 Day 774
A Cat Maid Café 2 Day 805
An Amiable Friendship Day 811
An Ancient Text Day 814
Teamwork 3 Day 843
Three's a Crowd Day 867
Special Delivery! Day 895
School Trip 4 Day 917
Sleepyhead Day 952
Pancakes Day 982
An Unexpected Switcheroo Day 991
Cat Grass Got Your Tongue? Day 1,025
Where Did They Go?! 7 Day 1,095
Bewitching Cat Stickers 2 Day 1,100
Room Switch 6 Day 1,131

Card Chats[edit]

Title CG Requirements
Ghost Cat: Epilogue 1-2 Mysterious Phenomena
What Happened With That Plant? The Flower of Love
Proper Discipline Punishment for a Cheater
As Thanks A Very Catty Birthday
Date Plan Spread Our Wings and Fly
The Unsung Hero The Power of Song
We Won't Lose to Them! Bunny Cafe Part-Timer
An Unexpected Response Another Cat Person
The Great Cat Debate Strongest of the Strong
A Good Idea One Miracle
One-Upmanship How to Break the Ice
A Bit of Bragging A Café, Books, and You
Where's Nyanto? The Tale of Ninja Satan
Uses for Canis Grass Happiness Is Right There
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