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Careful Not to Eat TOO Much
Intimacy: Beelzebub Lv. 6
Belphegor Lv. 3
Card: Careful Not to Eat TOO Much
Story 2: Story Key x3
Story 3: Story Key x5
Story 4: Story Key x8

Story Summary

"I'm gonna ma..."

Beelzebub is on cooking duty, and is about to begin when Belphegor comes in to check on him. He comments that Beel had bought a lot of ingredients, to which Beel responds by saying he wanted plenty for everyone. Belphie teases him and says, "Plenty for you, you mean?" He then asks about the menu, guessing that it's curry. Beel corrects him and says he's making creamed bonnacon, which he'd learnt the recipe from a chef at Ristorante Ninurta. Belphie, looking forward to the meal, asks him to hurry up.

"Belphie! Come on..."

Beelzebub samples the food, much to Belphegor's objection. Belphie is also shocked that Beel uses a ladle and not a spoon. Beel gives his reasons and hence Belphie succumbs to letting him do whatever he wants. He watches as Beel samples the food again and again, asking if he needs to sample it so often. Beel is adamant that he does, and continues sampling the food. Belphie then complains that the pot is already half-empty before Beel promises that this will be the last time.

"Saw that one coming."

Beelzebub is almost done with dinner and Belphegor compliments him before he goes to take a nap, asking Beel to wake him up when it's dinnertime. However, he wakes up later on his own and assumes that Beel forgot to wake him. He arrives in the kitchen to see all the brothers there scolding Beel for eating their entire dinner. Beel explains that he'd wanted to sample the creamed bonnacon, but ended up eating all of it because it was just so good. Lucifer punishes him by not allowing him to be on meal duty, but having to help everyone else everyday and to be forbidden from sampling the food.

"Lucifer can b..."

Asmodeus asks about dinner and Satan suggests eating out. The brothers leave, but Belphegor stays with Beelzebub to clean up the kitchen. Belphie gets hungry, and Beel offers to make onigiri for him. He begins, but faces a few challenges along the way, and Belphie decides to try it out too. As they make the onigiri together, Belphie suggests swapping the finished rice balls with each other. The brothers then return from ordering takeout with both Beel and Belphie's share. Satan asks about the onigiri, and Beel decides to make some for the rest of the brothers too.

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