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Dance Battle[edit]

Battle Skills[edit]

  • "Are you just messing around?"
  • "Can I go home now?"
  • "Come on, are you even TRYING?"
  • "Hey, what's wrong with you?"
  • "I just have to do this, right?"
  • "I want to go home."
  • "Let's get serious."
  • "Now I'm mad."
  • "Now you've gone and done it."
  • "Ugh, this is such a hassle."
  • "What a waste of time..."
  • "What do you think you're doing?"
  • "Why do I have to start?"

Surprise Guest[edit]

Three-Star Wins[edit]

  • "Did you really think I'd lose?"
  • "We might be compatible."
  • (On player's birthday) "Congratulations. I'm overjoyed."

Two-Star/One-Star Wins[edit]

  • "This is nothing out of the ordinary."

Gifting the Player[edit]

  • "This is for you. ...There's no hidden meaning behind it."
    • "Use it if you want to."

Heart Reactions[edit]

  • "...All right."
  • "Are you trying to get on my good side?"
  • "Do you want to touch me more? I don't mind."
  • "Hmm... This might not be so bad."
  • "Huh, so you're curious too."
  • "Is this your idea of fun? That's fine if it is."
  • "Mm...That's nice..."
  • "...So? You want to make me happy, and then what?"
  • "So sleepy... Can I sleep on your shoulder?"

Sparkle Reactions[edit]

  • "Aaahh..."
  • "Are you done? I'm already sleepy."
  • "Do you need something from me?"
  • "I don't want to deal with this right now..."
  • "It's okay I guess."
  • ""
  • "Ugh... You got my hopes up too high."
  • "What do you want to do?"

Sweat Reactions[edit]

  • "Are you just as dense as Mammon?"
  • "Are you trying to make me angry?"
  • "Could you leave me alone?"
  • "Don't just touch me like that. I don't think we're that close."
  • "Get your act together."
  • "How long am I supposed to endure this?"
  • "I can't stand humans."
  • "I've decided. Humans should perish. I'll start with you."
  • "If we're going to continue this... I think I'd be better off sleeping instead."
  • "...No thanks."
  • "No thank you."
  • "Ugh, no."

Perfect Sequence[edit]

  • "...I want to be together a little longer."
  • "I want to sleep, but... Come see me in my dreams or I'll get mad."
  • "I wouldn't mind hanging out again."
  • "You'll make me feel good next time, too... ...won't you?"
  • (On player's birthday) "I'm celebrating your birthday. Are you happy? ...I hope you are."

Good Sequence[edit]

  • "Great job."
  • "Humans might not be so bad after all."
  • "I think I'll have good dreams tonight."
  • "Look at the time... Don't get me wrong, I'm not sad or anything."
  • "That wasn't such a bad time."

Normal Sequence[edit]

  • "Are you not sleepy?"
  • "I have to leave soon."
  • "So sleepy... Good night..."

Bad Sequence[edit]

  • "I'm already tired of this."
  • "... ...Oh, sorry. I fell asleep."
  • "Will you compensate me for my sleep time?"

In-game Apps[edit]


Selected for Home Screen[edit]

  • "There must be someone else you can choose."

Changing Outfits [edit]

  • "Choose whatever you like."
  • "Why this...?"
  • "You want me to wear this?"


Excellent Order[edit]

  • "Whoa! You made this?! It looks amazing!"

Very Good Order[edit]

  • "Wow, this looks yummy. I'll go tell Beel."

Good Order[edit]

  • "Thanks for bringing it all this way. I'll order something again, okay?"

Failed Order[edit]

  • "Oh, wow. You made this?"

Home Screen[edit]


  • "Did you come to see me? Hmm..."
  • "...Hey."
  • "I'm tired of waiting."
  • "You sure seem motivated."
  • "You're finally here."

Player Returns[edit]

  • "I wasn't waiting here for you..."
  • "Welcome back."
  • "What were you doing?"
  • "You're late."
  • "Hey, you didn't know? I've been waiting for you this whole time."

He Returns[edit]

  • "I'm back."
  • "It's not like you needed to wait up for me."
  • "There wasn't any food in the kitchen. ...Wait, did someone hide it?!"
  • "Where was I...? That's a secret."
  • "Were you waiting for me? ...You have weird tastes."

Touched by Player[edit]

  • "I'm Belphegor, Avatar of Sloth. ...Whatever, leave me alone."
  • "If you need something, why not say it?"
  • "Need something?"
  • "That tickles..."
  • "What? I'm just in a good mood today."
  • "You're gonna make me blush touching me that much."
  • "You're messing with me, aren't you? You're quite brave."

Morning Interactions[edit]

  • "I hate mornings. I'm always so tired..."
  • "Morning."

Afternoon Interactions[edit]

  • "Hurry up and get here, nighttime. I'm so tired..."

Night Interactions[edit]

  • "...Evening."
  • "Finally, it's nighttime. I'm tired."
  • "...Isn't it bedtime?"
  • "Don't you think it's fun watching horror movies late at night?"

Comments About Characters[edit]

  • "Lucifer used to be amazing. ...I said, 'used to be.'"
  • "I bet life would be fun if I were as stupid as Mammon."
  • "Being a shut-in isn't the same as being a prisoner. In other words, Levi's nothing like me."
  • "Satan is always really well-behaved."
  • "I like Asmo better when he loses his temper."
  • "Beel is the only one who understands how I feel."
  • "I'm sick of hearing Lord Diavolo preach."
  • "I love the sweets Barbatos makes. Bring some with you next time."
  • "I wonder why Luke has such a grudge against demons..."
  • "You can't go trusting someone like Solomon."

Game Tips[edit]

  • "I've heard that if you power up your cards in Contacts, something good will happen."
  • "If you go on Nightmare... no, never mind. Forget it."
  • "If you don't take care of your tasks, Lucifer might punish you."
  • "You can buy anything from Akuzon. It's so convenient that it's scary."
  • "Don't you think you should check To Do?"
  • "When you're out of money, work a few shifts. Get to it, human."
  • "There's a post on Devilgram you haven't checked, you know..."
  • "Something has arrived in Mail. Are you going to check it?"
  • "How about you check your voicemail? If it's from Asmo, get ready for an earful."
  • "Someone sent you a message. Don't you think it's mean to ignore it?"
  • "If you want to change things up, maybe take a look at Majolish?"
  • "So, they're having an event... Wanna go with me?"

Idle Screen[edit]

  • "Helloooo?"
  • "Hey, don't go quiet all of a sudden."
  • "I'm used to being alone... I don't mind it."
  • "If you don't give me some attention, I'm gonna fall asleep."

Deleting an App[edit]

  • "It's a real hassle, but I'll download that for you again."
  • "*sigh*"
  • "What are you going to now that you've deleted that?"

On His Birthday[edit]

  • "Today's my birthday, so...I'm on the lookout for any surprises."

On Player's Birthday[edit]

  • "Congratulations. I'm overjoyed. I'm celebrating your birthday. Are you happy? ...I hope you are."

Game Anniversary[edit]

  • please add

Moving Picture Dialogues[edit]

Let Me Take Care of You[edit]

Standard Art[edit]
  • please add
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • "You should've woken me up..."
  • "Huh? You're awake?"
  • "Good thing I was here to take care of you. I hope you're grateful."
  • "I would only ever do this for you."
  • "I like you better when you're not feeling sick."
  • "Feel free to ask me for anything, and I'll take care of it."
  • "Let me feel your forehead..."
  • "You'll have to make me something when you recover."
  • "It's your job to spoil me, remember?"
  • "...Hurry up and get better so I can have my turn."

Make a Wish![edit]

Standard Art[edit]
  • please add
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • please add

Secret Dream Study Sesh[edit]

Standard Art[edit]
  • please add
Flower Unlocked Art[edit]
  • please add

VIP-Only Dialogues[edit]

  • "Do you enjoy touching me? ...If so...I don't mind."
  • "Hm...? That...feels good."
  • "Stay here with me a little longer."

Using Items[edit]

Standard Items[edit]

Heart Reactions[edit]

  • "Hey, that was nice."
  • "Huh...I didn't expect that. It seems you know just what I like."
  • "Huh. It looks like you know what I like."
  • "I don't like humans, but... might be different."
  • "Not bad."
  • "...Thank you. I really am happy. I mean it."
  • "Thank you, I'll take it."
  • "Thank you. I'll have it together with Beel."
  • "You're giving this to me? Really? ...Thank you."

Sparkle Reactions[edit]

  • "A present for me?"
  • "I'll take it."
  • "Hmm. Thank you."
  • "This is a pretty normal present."
  • "Why did you get me this?"

Sweat Reactions[edit]

  • "I really don't like this."
  • "It's now very clear to me. You don't know how to pick out good presents."
  • "...What's your deal?"
  • "...You got me this? Is this some kind of joke?"

Whip of Love[edit]

  • "Hehehe... You should've told me right away if you wanted to play these kind of games!"
  • "Hey, are you looking for a fight?"
  • "Whoa! Don't surprise me like that!"

Limited Items[edit]

For Limited Item dialogues of all characters, see the Limited Items Dialogues page.

Heartcuffs (Slightly Used)[edit]

  • "Eh, are you seriously giving these to me? I didn't know you had this side to you."
    • "Happy Valentine's Day. ...Don't look at me like that. It isn't that big of a deal."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Spring Fair[edit]

  • "So these are bunny ears? Do you want me to put them on?"
    • "It's Easter! Try to find the eggs before Beel gets to them."
    • "Happy Easter! I have a present for you, my rabbit!" (Demon Voucher)

Rainy Season Fair[edit]

  • "Nice hydrangeas! They're for me? ...Thanks."
    • "This is a token of my gratitude. When the rain stops, we may be able to see a rainbow over the Devildom."
    • "Doesn't the sound of rain make you sleepy? You can sleep together with me if you want." (Demon Voucher)

Summer Fair[edit]

  • "Why did you get me a unicorn? Hehe... But it is pretty cute I suppose. Thanks."
    • "Here, take this as thanks. Let's go and eat some ice cream. It's so hot I can't sleep."
    • "I'll tell you what. I'll take you to the beach. But make sure you keep it a secret from my brothers, okay?" (Demon Voucher)

Summer Fair Part 2[edit]

  • "Hm, a Snow Beary? How cute. Of course, you're going to feed it to me though, aren't you?"
    • "In the human world, you eat cold noodles in the summer, right? You should make them next time you're on cooking duty. I'm looking forward to it."
    • "Here, a token of my gratitude. Meet me at the Planetarium later. I want to teach you the Devildom constellations." (Demon Voucher)

End-of-Summer Fair[edit]

  • "That's freezing! What's the big idea?! I'm wide awake now! I'll never be able to get back to sleep.... Unless you sleep next to me? Here, come lie down."
    • "On a hot day, Levi's room is best for napping — because it's always nice and cool. Summer's almost over! I'll finally be able to sleep normally again!"
    • "This is for you. *sigh* When will it be long-sleeve season again... When I see you wearing such little clothing, I feel this strange pounding in my chest." (Demon Voucher)

Fall Fair[edit]

  • "Ahh, I'd never get through this season without Red Demonus. Demonus is surprisingly drinkable even when it's not chilled."
    • "Don't lump me in with Beel but I'm craving something sweet. Wait here. I'm going to get something from the kitchen."
    • "You know, when I get a little tipsy and fall asleep... feels so nice, as if you're holding me tight." (Demon Voucher)

Fall Fair Part 2[edit]

  • "Something smells sweet. Are these fall desserts from Madam Devian? You bought them for me, didn't you? Thank you."
    • "The tidings of winter weigh heavy on the sky... I always get sleepier when it's cold. Would you mind if I hibernated this year? Oh, you would?"
    • "There's no better feeling than wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket to take a nap after eating something sweet. The best part has to be the blanket, though. Will you be my blanket?" (Demon Voucher)

Christmas Fair[edit]

  • "Are these to decorate the House of Lamentation? There are lots of these in the attic, too."
    • "I wonder what it would be like if I stuffed ornaments in my pillow...? Nope, it would be too hard. I think I'll pass."
    • "Presents are usually put under the tree, right? What do you want? Me..? ...I'd like a kiss from you." (Demon Voucher)

Winter Fair[edit]

  • "What's this? A new pillow? I see, it's a scarf. It would be nice to wrap myself in it and take a nap."
    • "Beel was saying that he wanted to buy a limited edition winter Devilcat. There are three different ones to choose from. Want to come with us?"
    • "We have matching scarves now? Haha... Thanks. I'm so happy." (Demon Voucher)

Valentine's Fair[edit]

  • "You're really into this human world confectionery industry stuff, aren't you? But you gave me chocolate, so...perhaps that isn't a bad thing."
    • "The whole place really smells of chocolate today. I feel like I'm going to be seeing chocolate in my dreams tonight."
    • "This is for you. Can I come over to your room later? Actually, I got you a bouquet of hell roses too." (Demon Voucher)

Dango Over Flowers Fair[edit]

  • "Oh, is this one of those three-colored dango I saw in the human world? It's a Devildom version, huh? Pretty cute, isn't it?"
    • "Beel said it's not spring in the Devildom without Devil Flower and Demon Chrysanthemum tempura from Hell's Kitchen. But then again, he said that in summer...and fall and winter."
    • "Did you know that that feeling of loneliness you feel in spring is called the "spring time blues"? Ah, but it's not like I get it or anything. How could I when you're here?" (Demon Voucher)

Talkative Music Note Fair[edit]

  • "This is cute...but do you really think I would use it? Since it's a present from you, I'm happy with it. Even if it is an Otama Tony."
    • "You can put it in 'rock mode' with this switch on the back, apparently. Maybe I'll play it for Lucifer just after he's gotten up."
    • "You know, this might actually be a pretty good alarm clock. If I don't wake up in the morning, play this, will you?" (Demon Voucher)

Tiny Flytrap Fair[edit]

  • "Hmm, I heard that they become smaller the more they like you. They're usually so aggressive, so I'm surprised they can also be this cute."
    • "It'd be good if Beel was a little smaller, actually. That way he'd probably eat less, don't you think?"
    • "You should pay me more attention. Maybe I'll shrink too. I was just joking... You don't seriously have to pat me like that..." (Demon Voucher)

Horror's Horror Cherry Pie[edit]

  • "From Horror's Horror, right? Thanks, their cherry pies are good, aren't they? I can't deal with the line there though. I'm so excited to have this since it's been such a long time."
    • "Did you know there's a cherry pit spitting contest in the human world? You all come up with the funniest stuff there. If we held one in the Devildom, who do you think would win? My money's on Beel.
    • "If you like these pies too, I'll line up and get you one next year if you want. I'll only do it for you though, because you're special." (Demon Voucher)

A Summer Fireworks Frenzy[edit]

  • "I was just thinking about these. Thank you. You'll join me when I light these, right?"
    • "Fireworks reminds me of something Beel did once. We put fireworks on a cake but he ate them too."
    • "I really want to see waterside fireworks in the human world. You know, one of those ones where they even plan how it'll reflect off the water. Let's promise to go see one together sometime." (Demon Voucher)

Juicy Revelation Tomatoes[edit]

  • "Thank you. I like these quite a bit. Although, it's scary they change flavor depending on the secret. I want it to be delicious, so do you want to hear a big secret?"
    • "I once saw Levi screaming one of his 'finishing moves.' He called it 'samidareissen' or something. It looked so fun so I secretly tried it too. I'm begging you, don't tell anyone."
    • "I borrowed a tragic romance manga from Levi and it made me want to see you like crazy. That's why I went to your room the other day. I felt so relieved just knowing you were by my side." (Demon Voucher)

Beware of Ghost Balloons?![edit]

  • "Thanks. Everyone says these balloons are really loud when they pop... ...but I think they aren't loud enough to be alarm clocks. What, you don't agree?"
    • "Hey, I thought of something good. Let's get Mammon to make some balloon animals out of these."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Give Your Heart to Candy![edit]

  • "Whoa, this Candy Heart is popping in my mouth. Are you sulking because I was sleeping and couldn't give you hugs?"
    • "Apparently, Diavolo gave Lucifer one of these too. Beel ate some but he said it tasted like nothing. Since you give them as gifts, maybe they don't work unless it's meant for you."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Jovial Gingerbread Men?![edit]

  • "A Jovial Gingerbread Man? It's that time of year already? Thank you. It didn't attack you when you got it? Maybe it likes you or something."
    • "One time, a Giant Jovial Gingerbread Man tried to attack Lord Diavolo. But Lucifer sicced Cerberus on it. Poor thing didn't even get a chance at a gingerbread life."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Zombie Iguana[edit]

  • "Thank you. Isn't this the Zombie Iguana that's popular because it's both cute and ugly? But well, you're giving it to me, so I suppose it is cute."
    • "Last time Luke came over to the House of Lamentation, the Devil Animals TV show was on. Satan and Luke were absorbed in this scene of a cat swiping at a Zombie Iguana."
    • "Huh? What's going on? Why did you grab my hand all of a sudden? Ah, it's cursed. I won't have to be away from you, so this is a pretty good curse." (Demon Voucher)

Relaxing Devil Bath Bombs[edit]

  • "Hm, a Devil Bath Bomb? Thanks. I often enjoy a nap while taking a bath, but I may want to stay up when I use this next time I take a bath."
    • "Asmo tried making Devil Bath Bombs himself the other day and blew up the bathtub in the process. It's like stuff gets broken every other day. My brothers should take better care of stuff."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Hell Pancake Festival[edit]

  • "The Skyscraper Challenge? A contest to stack Hell Pancakes up? How stupid is that? Still, this is tasty, so I'll accept it. The pancakes did nothing wrong, after all."
    • "Did you know that they have pancake races in the human world? They take a frying pan and run while flipping pancakes. Humans are on par with demons when it comes to thinking of strange stuff, aren't they? Besides, if Beel were to enter this Skyscraper Challenge or a pancake race, he would probably end up eating the food before the contest ends."
    • "If you really want me to join you, then ask me real nice and cute. If you make my heart beat fast, I'll consider it. Though, when all is said and done, I like you enough where anything seems fine when I'm with you." (Demon Voucher)

Cursed Candy Apples[edit]

  • "A Cursed Candy Apple? Thanks. It's good, but I can't finish it in 10 minutes, so help me out, okay? I'll be cursed if you don't. Wouldn't it just be horrible if I stubbed my toe on the table? That's why I'm counting on you."
    • "You should avoid making candy apples on rainy days. The candy will stick together due to the humidity, making it easy to mess them up. That stupid Mammon always tries to make me set up a candy apple stall with him, so I'm pretty knowledgeable about these things even if I don't want to be. I'm like an apple professor."
    • "This is thanks for the Cursed Candy Apple. Oh, and there seems to be a place where you can hunt for Cursed Candy Apples, but would you like to go with me? I'd like to see the cursed apple flower. They say there are even heart-shaped one. If I find one, I'll give it to you as a present." (Demon Voucher)

Multifaced Eye Masks[edit]

  • "Hey, don't prank me. I'm making this face due to THOSE things, aren't I? Multifaced Eye Masks I think they're called? Are you happy now that I'm making this face?"
    • "These Multifaced Eye Masks are much more fun when you make others wear them, aren't they? Heh, I want to make Mammon wear a happy face the next time he gets scolded by Lucifer.
    • "Well, it's my turn now. You have to wear the same eye mask I wore. Ah, I can see how this is so satisfying. Just make sure I'm the only one you show that face to." (Demon Voucher)

Siren Sea Globe[edit]

  • "Thank you. A Siren Sea Globe is a handy thing to have. Is it show what the Siren Sea looks like right now? It's so beautiful."
    • "Beel said he was going to go to the beach but he didn't bring his swimsuit... He's recently been really into grilled squid, so that's probably why he went. Classic Beel."
    • "If you put it to your ear you can also hear the sounds of the sea. Come a little bit closer and listen. The sounds of the waves and the warmth of your body are making me sleepy. I'm not going to make it to bed so lend me your lap." (Demon Voucher)

Snow Ice Cream[edit]

  • "Demon Dazs Snow Ice Cream? Was this the one where it snows when you eat it? It's so hot that I feel like I'm going to melt. Thanks."
    • "There's a White Out flavor from Demon Dazs too. Be careful, because if you eat that a snowstorm occurs. Mammon ate some unknowingly once before and turned into a snowman. I felt cool just looking at him."
    • "Wow, snow already started to fall. Maybe it will fall slower if I eat the ice cream slower...? After all, I want to feel cool for as long as possible. After I'm done, I want to lie on your knees too." (Demon Voucher)

Cursed Music Box[edit]

  • "Wait, don't you have to listen to the end to avoid a curse from a Cursed Music Box? I'm happy to get a present from you, but I don't know if I can stay awake to listen until the end..."
    • "Oh, I know this melody. It's Demon's Night. I like this one. I wonder if Lucifer will play this one for me again. I hate to ask him, but I WOULD enjoy listening to the song."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

Opposite Biscuit?![edit]

  • "Will I say the opposite thing of what I am thinking if I eat this? Where do you always find these things? Still, it does look pretty tasty."
    • "Now that I think about it, I remember Barbatos saying he wouldn't make any more sweets. It caused Lord Diavolo to stiffen up in shock. Maybe he ate one of these biscuits, too. Or maybe making sweets was interfering with his job? What do you think?"
    • "Ugh, it's terrible. Ah, I see. It's an Opposite Biscuit. How would you like to try it? Here, open up! We both hate each other, right? That's kind of new. I'll make sure to say how I really feel after the effect wears off." (Demon Voucher)

Catastrophic Illumination[edit]

  • "A Catastrophic Candle? It has such a calming aroma. Thanks! But, sometimes these have terrible magic within... I wonder what this does."
    • "This yellow flame is making me feel incredibly competitive... Is Levi in his room right now? I'm gonna go over there and smoke him in some Devil Cart."
    • "This orange flame makes the user quite hungry. It's not terrible, but I kind of want to eat something... I'd really like to eat your French toast... The sweet one with the whipped cream on it! Would you make it for me...? Please!" (Demon Voucher)

Super Soda Water[edit]

  • "Wow, this is Super Soda Water! I was so sleepy just a moment ago, but now I'm wide awake. Amazing... They gave me a bunch of homework to do because I fell asleep during class. This was a big help, thanks!"
    • "Once when Asmo was on dinner duty, he had some Super Soda Water before dinner and gave Beel some, too. Asmo claimed it would make Beel full and so he wouldn't eat too much, but Beel ended up eating five times as much."
    • "I'd also appreciate it if you helped me with my homework too, but would you mind coming to my room? I don't mind giving you a reward for your troubles. I actually like granting your requests." (Demon Voucher)

A Beckoning Black Cat Brings Good Fortune[edit]

  • "A Beckoning Black Cat Key Chain? It's so cute, thank you. But I wonder if it really does bring good fortune. Hey... Did that cat just disappear...?"
    • "Hmm? Are these the muffins that Luke usually makes? I did want to eat something sweet, so it did bring me good fortune, I guess? I should give Luke some sweets from Madam Scream's in return."
    • please add demon voucher dialogue

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